Lip Lift & Lip Reduction

Our customized approach ensures a natural, youthful appearance tailored to your unique facial structure. But that’s not all – at Verso Surgery Centre, we also offer lip reduction services. For those looking for more of a proportionate and refined lip appearance, our lip reduction treatments are performed with precision, reducing the size to match your aesthetic goals.

What Is A Lip Lift?

A lip lift is a specialized surgical procedure that reduces the space between the upper lip and the nose, giving the lips a more youthful and elevated appearance. This procedure subtly lifts the upper lip, creating a fuller and more appealing contour. Crafted to match your unique facial features, a lip lift at Verso Surgery Centre creates a rejuvenated and natural look. 


At Verso Surgery Centre, we believe that a beautiful smile is the cornerstone of confidence and self-expression. Our specialized lip lift procedures are tailored to individual needs, offering a wide spectrum of solutions to enhance and rejuvenate your appearance. With options ranging from upper lip lift, lower lip lift, to corner lift, Dr. Jack Kolenda employs advanced techniques and personalized approaches to deliver results that harmonize with your unique facial structure. By focusing on subtlety, precision, and artistry, we craft each procedure to provide a natural lift and fullness to the lips, striking a balance between beauty and function. Whether you desire a more youthful appearance, a balanced smile, or a comprehensive transformation, Verso Surgery Centre’s lip lift procedures offer the perfect blend of innovation and aesthetics. Explore our range of services and find the one that’s right for you.

Our upper lip lift is designed to shorten the distance between the nose and the upper lip, providing a youthful, fuller appearance. At Verso Surgery Centre, we utilize cutting-edge techniques to lift the upper lip, enhancing its volume and contour. This procedure is perfect for those looking for a more pronounced and attractive upper lip.

A lower lip lift at Verso Surgery Centre focuses on the enhancement of the lower lip, giving it a more balanced and appealing look. Through precise surgical methods, we alter the prominence of the lower lip to match your facial symmetry, creating an elegant and harmonious smile.

The corner lift is a specialized procedure that targets the outer corners of the mouth. At Verso, we lift and reshape the corners to create a cheerful and inviting expression, eliminating the appearance of a downturned mouth. This technique rejuvenates your smile, offering a refreshed and confident look.


Lip Augmentation Questions

Yes, a lip lift can often be combined with other procedures such as rhinoplasty or fillers for comprehensive facial rejuvenation.

Preparation includes an initial consultation, following pre-surgical instructions such as avoiding certain medications, and arranging for transportation post-surgery. Specific instructions will be provided by our team at Verso.

After a lip lift procedure at Verso Surgery Centre, there may be minimal scarring, but our expert surgeon takes every precaution to minimize its appearance. The incisions are placed under the nasal area to ensure that any scarring is as discreet as possible.

Modifications can often be made, though it’s best to discuss any concerns with our team at Verso to explore the best course of action.

Alternatives may include fillers or other non-surgical treatments, depending on your goals and needs.

A lip lift can complement or replace fillers, depending on the desired outcome. Our team will assess your specific situation.

Those with overly large or disproportionate lips seeking a more balanced appearance may benefit from lip reduction.

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Are You A Candidate For A Lip Lift?

Are you considering a lip lift and wondering if you are the right candidate? At Verso Surgery Centre, we believe that an ideal candidate for a lip lift is someone looking to enhance the appearance and shape of their lips. Whether you’re dealing with an elongated upper lip due to aging or seeking to add youthful fullness and curvature, a lip lift might be the perfect solution for you. During your consultation, we evaluate factors such as overall health, skin elasticity, and personal aesthetic goals to determine suitability. Non-smokers and those with realistic expectations often achieve the best outcomes. Schedule a personalized consultation at Verso Surgery Centre to find out if a lip lift procedure aligns with your desire for natural, rejuvenated, and attractive lips. Our team is committed to providing personalized care and natural-looking results, and we are happy to share our expertise and experience with you during your consultation.


Lip Reduction

Looking to achieve a more balanced and harmonious facial appearance? Lip reduction at Verso Surgery Centre in Toronto may be the perfect solution for those with overly large or disproportionate lips. Dr. Jack Kolenda specializes in carefully reshaping and reducing the size of the lips, crafting a look that complements your unique facial features. Lip reduction surgery not only enhances aesthetic appeal but can also improve functionality and comfort. With advanced techniques and personalized care, we ensure a seamless experience from consultation to recovery. Trust the skilled hands at Verso Surgery Centre for your lip reduction procedure, and embrace a refined, natural appearance that aligns with your beauty goals.


Real Patients Real Results


At Verso Surgery Centre, we understand the importance of being able to see the potential outcomes of the lip augmentation procedure through the before and afters of previous patients. While respecting our patient’s privacy, we offer a comprehensive gallery of before and after photographs within our office. These images, curated by Verso Surgery Centre and feature real results from previous lip augmentation patients, allowing you to witness the dramatic improvements that can be achieved through this transformative treatment.

Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to supporting you every step of the way during your healing journey. We provide personalized care and guidance, ensuring that you have the necessary information and resources to optimize your recovery.

Our team is committed to providing personalized care and natural-looking results, and we are happy to share our expertise and experience with you during your consultation.


How Long Does It Take To Recover From A Lip Lift?​

The first week after surgery is crucial for initial healing. Swelling and bruising are common but will begin to subside with proper care. You may experience mild discomfort, but prescribed medications can manage pain. Keeping your head elevated and following the aftercare instructions provided by our team at Verso will support a smooth healing process.

One month post-operation marks significant progress in the recovery journey. Most swelling and bruising should have resolved by now, and the incisions are well on their way to healing. You’ll start noticing the beautiful transformation of your lips, and any lingering tightness should begin to ease. Continuing to follow our expert guidance at Verso Surgery Centre ensures a successful ongoing recovery.

Four months after the procedure, your lips will have settled into their new shape, and the full aesthetic benefits of the lip lift will be apparent. Any residual numbness or firmness will have likely resolved, and the incision lines will continue to fade. Regular check-ups with our experienced team at Verso will monitor progress and address any concerns.
A year post-lip lift, you’ll be enjoying the long-lasting results of the procedure. Your lips will have fully adapted to their new contours, and the incisions should be minimal and well-hidden. The results will have integrated naturally with your overall appearance, reflecting the skill and artistry of our surgeons at Verso Surgery Centre.

Recovering from a lip lift procedure is a gradual journey toward achieving your desired appearance. At Verso Surgery Centre, we ensure a personalized recovery plan, focusing on your comfort and optimal results.

At Verso, your recovery is our priority. We support you every step of the way, from the initial post-operative care to long-term follow-ups, ensuring that your experience is as comfortable and rewarding as possible.

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If you’re thinking about getting a lip augmentation, you can rely on Dr. Jack Kolenda and our skilled team to give you individualized care and outstanding results. Dr. Kolenda has more than 20 years of experience in plastic surgery and is recognized for his meticulous approach, artistic vision, and dedication to making sure patients are happy.

We’re located in Oakville, Ontario and have a modern facility where we use advanced techniques and technology to achieve results that look natural and stand the test of time.


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Our surgery centre is located in the heart of Oakville, Ontario. Our extensive years of experience has allowed us to design and build a fully licensed and equipped facility with the latest technology where safety, comfort and customer service are paramount.

Voted the Top Surgical Clinic 8 Years in a row, our clinic is held to a high standard using only high grade medical and surgical equipment that is available on the market. We’ve designed our space with you in mind, with your safety and satisfaction as our priority


Is A Lip lift Enough To Achieve Your Desired Results?

At Verso Surgery Centre in Toronto, we understand the desire for a harmonious facial appearance. That’s why combining a lip lift with other procedures such as rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, or even a facelift is a common and highly effective approach. Dr. Jack Kolenda skillfully blend these procedures to achieve a balanced and rejuvenated look, enhancing not just the lips but the entire facial aesthetic. By tailoring the combination of procedures to your unique needs, we provide comprehensive facial transformation in one coordinated surgical experience. Explore the possibilities of combined procedures including lip lifts, rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, and more at Verso Surgery Centre, and discover the synergistic effect that leads to stunning, natural-looking results.


Financing Your Procedure

At Verso Surgery Centre, we believe everyone deserves access to their dream transformations. That’s why we offer a range of financing options through partnering with various reputable financing organizations who help provide flexible financing plans. Contact us today to learn more about our partnered financial options today and discover how you can achieve the results you desire, tailored to your budget and needs. Get started on your transformative experience at Verso Surgery Centre!


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