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Located in the vibrant Oakville Ontario, Verso Surgery Centre stands as a beacon of modern medical excellence and personalized patient care. Our doors open to a world where state-of-the-art meets comfort, making each visit a reassuring experience. Our facility, adorned with the latest medical technology and a serene ambiance, is designed to make you feel at ease the moment you step in.


At Verso Surgery Centre, we believe in a personalized approach to any surgery or treatment. We understand that each patient is unique, and our team works tirelessly to tailor treatments that meet your individual needs and preferences. From consultation to recovery, our goal is to provide a comfortable and supportive experience.

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Our surgery centre is located in the heart of Oakville, Ontario. Our extensive years of experience has allowed us to design and build a fully licensed and equipped facility with the latest technology where safety, comfort and customer service are paramount.

Voted the Top Surgical Clinic 8 Years in a row, our clinic is held to a high standard using only high grade medical and surgical equipment that is available on the market. We’ve designed our space with you in mind, with your safety and satisfaction as our priority

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Committed To Patient Safety

Experience the epitome of personalized surgical care at Verso Surgery Centre. We’re not just another healthcare provider; we prioritize your safety above all. Our unique approach to healthcare integrates advanced surgical technologies such as Ondine and Sonoinject™, elevating the standard of care we provide to our patients. These groundbreaking tools help us detect and treat medical conditions with unparalleled precision.

But what truly sets Verso Surgery Centre apart is our individualized approach to patient care. We understand that every patient is unique. Hence, we offer custom surgical plans tailored to meet your specific health needs and recovery goals. At Verso Surgery Centre, your safety is our top priority. Experience a new era of surgical care today with Verso. Discover how our advanced technology and personalized surgical plans can make a difference in your healthcare journey.

ondine photodisinfection

Ondine, available at Verso, represents the forefront of nasal photodisinfection therapy. This treatment, strategically administered prior to surgery, employs a sophisticated blend of light-activated compounds that target and neutralize pathogenic bacteria within the nasal passages. By incorporating Ondine into our preoperative plan we drastically reducing the risk of post-surgical infections.


At Verso Surgery Centre, our specialized Infection Control Nurse is instrumental in fostering a safe and hygienic clinical setting. With extensive expertise in infection prevention, our nurse rigorously upholds superior hygiene standards and infection control measures. This proactive approach significantly reduces infection risks within our clinic.

sonoinject™ ULTRASOUND

Discover the heightened accuracy of Sonoinject Ultrasound at Verso Surgery Centre. This state-of-the-art technology elevates patient safety in surgical procedures through precise, ultrasound-guided injections. Its pinpoint accuracy not only augments treatment efficacy but also minimizes the likelihood of complications.


Financing Your Procedure

At Verso Surgery Centre, we believe everyone deserves access to their dream transformations. That’s why we offer a range of financing options through partnering with various reputable financing organizations who help provide flexible financing plans. Contact us today to learn more about our partnered financial options today and discover how you can achieve the results you desire, tailored to your budget and needs. Get started on your transformative experience at Verso Surgery Centre!


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